Our Story

Celebrating Over 60 Years of Foot Health and Comfort!

When Nick Iannone established IANNONE’S FOOTWEAR & SHOE CLINIC on June 26, 1960, he realized that to survive, his store would have to do something different from the other shoe stores in the city. “We realized we would have to offer solutions to people with foot problems,” explained Nick. “People suffer from fallen arches, heel pain, sore feet and legs, so we became experts in finding proper footwear for them.”

Nick and Faye ran Iannone’s Footwear for many years. In 1995, their son Tim and his wife Sheryl, joined the business. In 2003, another son Chris joined full-time as well. This truly made it a family run business.

Iannone’s, although expanded, can be found in its original location at 2712-13th Avenue. It has become a fixture in the city’s Cathedral Village, an area that has become well known for its unique blend of locally owned shops and restaurants.

Although IANNONE’S FOOTWEAR & SHOE CLINIC has maintained its heritage, it continues to provide the latest in footwear technology.

Known, over the years, for orthopaedic and therapeutic footwear, Iannone’s maintains a balance between a fashion forward look coupled with health and comfort features. Custom fit arch supports and other footcare accessories are also available.

Tim, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, works in conjunction with physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and others in the healthcare profession to help customers with their footwear and orthopaedic solutions. “We take great pride and care in ensuring that the prescriptions that we receive are accurately filled and that people get the proper fit,” remarked Tim.

“Reputation is something we take very personally,” Tim explained. “Our name is on the storefront. We want people to have good things to say about us because after all, their experience at our store is a reflection of us. This is what drives us to give the superior customer service we do.”

In a world where service is a thing of the past and shoe shopping is dominated by sales clerks asking, “What size do you wear?” IANNONE’S FOOTWEAR & SHOE CLINIC remains true to its roots. They are a homegrown Saskatchewan business where customers can expect quality, personalized service, expert knowledge, and the latest in footwear technology.

IANNONE’S FOOTWEAR & SHOE CLINIC is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00am to 5:30pm. Come in and share over 60 years of history with us!