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Established in 1960, IANNONE’S FOOTWEAR & SHOE CLINIC is an independent, family-owned and operated shoe store in Regina.

 Iannone’s Footwear is one of the last remaining “SIT & FIT” shoe stores. They specialize in quality, comfortable footwear, with personalized service that makes them a leading destination for shoes to suit any need.

Our Story

When Nick Iannone established IANNONE’S FOOTWEAR & SHOE CLINIC on June 26, 1960, he realized that to survive, his store would have to do something different from the other shoe stores in the city. “We realized we would have to offer solutions to people with foot problems,” explained Nick. “People suffer from fallen arches, heel pain, sore feet and legs, so we became experts in finding proper footwear for them.”


Oiled Leather

Arizona Shearling

Mink Suede Leather

Buckley Shearling

Black Suede Leather


Habana Oiled Leather

florida mocca

Black Leather

Women’s Series
Hi Top

Rustic Black

Women’s Series



Rustic Brown

Dress Chisel

Steel Grey

CSA Toe Cap

Crazy Horse Brown